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Simple Steps to Keep Your Floors Nice

Keep your floors nice

Do you know how to keep your floors nice?

For many people, their hardwood floors are a point of pride for their home. Hardwood floors are often found accompanying luxurious furnishings and beautiful pieces of art. But when you have people in your home who do not really pay attention, hardwood floors can quickly become dirty, scratched, and ruined. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take to keep your floors looking nice.

Demand a No Shoe Household

It is quite common for people to leave their shoes in the entry hall when they walk into their own home, but it quite uncommon for strangers and visitors to do the same. But leaving shoes at the door is one of the best ways you can keep your hardwood floors like nice. Walking on hardwood floors can track in sand and dirt, even if you can’t see it. These abrasive particles can work to grind down your floors and create scratches in the floor. You should also have mats inside and outside of your home to help lessen the tracked-in dirt and have visitors and family leave their shoes at the door.

Weekly Cleanings Help

The next step to keeping your floors nice is to get rid of dirt and grime once a week. Use a vacuum to avoid rubbing the dirt into the floor or use a dry dust mop to lift it. A dust mop may seem like the opposite of a vacuum but when it is treated with a dusting agent, it can help to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair.

The Occasional Mopping

When we suggest mopping, this does not mean you should pour liquid onto your floor and swish it around only to have it soak into the floor. This kind of mopping means to take a lightly damp mop and gently run it over the floors. You should not use any abrasive liquids. To find the right cleaner, make sure you are using one that is approved for wood floors or ask your hardwood floor installer for tips. Once you have applied the cleaner and mopped your floors. Take a dry mop or towel and run it over the floors to get rid of any excess moisture from the floors. It is important to keep your hardwood floors as dry as possible to avoid warping and water damage.

Keeping your hardwood floors nice can be quite simple when maintenance and diligence are applied. For more tips for keeping your hardwood floors nice, call us or check out our weekly blog!

Keeping Your Floors Nice with John K. Eareckson & Co!

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