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Keep Your Wood Floors Protected With These Tips


Keep Your Wood Floors Protected With These Tips

Wood floors provide an elegant touch to your home.

Wood floors provide an elegant touch to your home. Carpet can easily stain and grow discolored, even if it is easier to walk around on. However, when your home features wood floors, you need to do everything you can to protect them.

Sweep the Floors

You might sweep the tile or laminate floor of your kitchen twice a week. It’s easy to get busy, especially when it comes to housework but don’t neglect the floors in other parts of your home. After all, wood floors need plenty of attention too. Sweeping gets rid of dust and dirt and helps reduce the amount of scratching you see on the floor. For best results, try sweeping every day.

Clean Up Stains

During a late summer party, you might be having so much fun you forget about any stains that happen. Even so, if you have wood floors, you can’t allow stains to have some time to soak in, so clean up any spills as soon as they appear.

Use the Mop

Water and humidity can also cause havoc on your wood floors. Wood floors aren’t that much different from wood fences in the sense that they are both valuable parts of your home that can be ruined by water; while you can use some water to mop your hardwood floors, do so carefully. When you’re done, wipe everything down with a dry cloth so that no residual moisture remains.

Use Dust Mats

As your kids and pets run in and out of the house, they’re bound to track in plenty of dust. Dust can damage your wood floors as much as dirt and moisture can. Put a dust mat down by the front door, the side door, and the door that leads in from the garage if you have one. That way, you can make sure both your family members and guests aren’t unintentionally making your wood floors dirty.

Avoid Sharp Objects

High heels, furniture, and even the claws of your pets all count as sharp objects. Don’t wear high heels while inside, use floor protectors for any furniture that has to be placed on wood floors, and trim the claws of dogs and cats.  

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