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Hardwood Flooring Tips: Protecting your Floor from your Children

children and hardwood flooring

Children love to be creative, but you don’t want that creativity to spill over onto your hardwood flooring.

Protecting your hardwood flooring from your children can feel like containing a dinosaur from the new Jurassic World movie. It’s natural for children to run around and burn off all their energy, but they can also leave a wake of chaos wherever they go. You love your children, but your hardwood floor is not their biggest fan. What are some tips to protect your hardwood’s pristine appearance?

Apply Sealants

You’re probably always nervous when you see your youngster with a cup of juice around your furniture, but spills can also cause damage to your floors. Liquids are able to penetrate wood, and continual leaks will start to destroy the wood. With a clear sealant, however, you are able to help prevent damage from spills and messes. A sealant not only protects the finish of your hardwood flooring, but it also helps to ensure the integrity of the wood. Accidents are bound to happen, but applying a sealant to your hardwood floors is one of the best tips out there for people with young children.

Use Rugs and Doormats

Your hardwood flooring will receive more usage in some areas than others, so it helps to place rugs where the most foot traffic occurs. With summer time activities in full swing, a hardwood floor can quickly face a lot of wear and tear. Weather dripping with pool water, or exploring a giant puddle, children tend to bring what belongs outside into your home. The area rugs, however, can absorb these elements. Door mats also help to limit dirt and debris, and it’s a good idea to leave shoes and sandals by the door mat.

Clean Accidents Immediately

To help keep that beautiful hardwood floor in pristine condition, make sure to clean up any spills and messes as soon as they occur. If you don’t have a sealant, you’d be surprised how quickly your hardwood floors can absorb liquids. You want to clean up any accidents with paper towels or soft cloths that are lint free. This is an important tip to keep in mind, as people tend to rub the liquid into hardwood flooring when they use heavy cloths or towels. If you’ve avoided hardwood floors because you think they aren’t child friendly, now is the time to reconsider adding a beautiful flooring option to your home.

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