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Hardwood Flooring Myths: The Whole Truth

hardwood flooring myths

What are some hardwood flooring myths?

What are some hardwood flooring myths? In this blog, we will explore the whole truth about these myths. Now, a few months ago, we covered some common misconceptions about hardwood flooring. This is rather a bit different. Please follow along with us as it is time to bust some myths!  

Hardwood Flooring Myths Include the Following:

Hardwood Flooring Needs Regular Waxing: One of the most prominent hardwood flooring myths is that they need regular waxing. While waxing is beneficial for your hardwood floors, this myth is now outdated. In fact, this myth began back in the olden days of hardwood flooring, when it was still a new concept in interior design. Modern floor finishes have made waxing less important. Early on in the 20th century, tung oil was used, but tung oil lacked the necessary durability for long stretches, which meant waxing was needed far more frequently.

Refinishing Makes for a Good Do It Yourself Project: You should ask yourself, are you truly prepared for this? Not everyone is a do-it-yourself rockstar. While you can rent equipment for this purpose, rental equipment is not always the most reliable. If you’re not careful, you can do irreversible damage to your lovely hardwood floors. And besides, the top shelf finishes are only sold to flooring professionals. The finishes that are often marketed and sold to DIY hobbyists simply don’t hold up as well or last as long. Never mind the fact that your results may vary.

Hardwood Floors Are a Poor Choice for Kitchens: Why would hardwood floors ever be considered a poor choice for kitchens? On the contrary, they are a superb choice for kitchens. They add a warm touch to your space, and are classy to boot. There is also the durability factor to consider: the kitchen is likely going to be one of the busiest places in your home, and you want your floors to stay beautiful even after years of heavy foot traffic. Be sure to choose the correct wood and finish for your kitchen floor; that is the secret of finding top-notch hardwood flooring.

High Quality Finishes Can Stop Scratches and Other Damages: Wood is not totally invulnerable to damage such as scratching. While finishes are fantastic, they are not foolproof.

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