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Hardwood Floor Installation Pt. 2: Rooms to Avoid

Hardwood Floor Installation Pt. 2: Rooms to Avoid

As beautiful and durable as your new hardwood floor is, there are some places where you should avoid installing it.

As beautiful as durable as your new hardwood floor is, there are some places where you should avoid installing it. Which rooms are these, and what is the deal with hardwood floors in the kitchen? We’ll answer these questions and more. Read on to find out more! 

In the Bathroom 

Putting hardwood floors in your bathroom might sound like an excellent way to make it more beautiful. The catch is that in general, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Water can damage hardwood floors no matter which room the floors are in; repairing or replacing your floors can be more expensive and time-consuming than you can imagine. If you do decide to follow through on this interior design choice, be sure you are ready to face the possible consequences!

In the Laundry Room 

Likewise, it’s not the best idea to put hardwood floors in your home’s laundry room. In these rooms, laminate and tile floors are much smarter choices. That way, you can ensure that the floors won’t be ruined by wet towels, damp clothes, detergent spills, and knocked-over cleaning fluids that you might store in the laundry room until you need to use it again. Besides, can you ensure that the washer won’t leak? That is a risk you won’t want to take.

In the Foyer 

The foyer is one of the most critical rooms in your home. After all, this is where you come in from the outside world and where you greet guests whenever they enter. The entryway of your home deserves to be remodeled or renovated along with the kitchens and bathrooms inside your home. Here there, you might not want to incorporate a hardwood floor. That’s because sand and mud and dirt and wet leaves can all be tracked in on your shoes.

In the Kitchen

Finally, let’s think about putting hardwood floors in the kitchen. This choice is a toss-up. It is entirely possible to do it. Even so, you’ll be better off choosing engineered hardwood over solid hardwood. Also, be sure to clean up any spills as soon as you see them happen. All of the planks need to be resealed and refinished, and lastly, don’t try using a steam mop to clean the floors in here. 

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