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10 Things You Should Never Do to Hardwood Floors: Part 2

Hardwood floors

Walking through your home with high heeled shoes on could ruin your hardwood floors. Leave them at the door to protect your floor.

Hardwood floors are notorious for their reputation of being hard to take care of. But with common sense and some tips from JKE Hardwood Floors, you will be able to take care of your hardwood floors. Let’s take a look at five more things you should never do to your hardwood floors.

6: Wear Shoes in the House

For many people, wearing shoes in the house is just something they do. But there is a reason they should leave your shoes at the door. High heel shoes can cause denting and scratches to your hardwood flooring. So leave your shoes by the door and enjoy going barefoot around your house.

7: Don’t Allow Pet Stains to Linger

Everyone has accidents and even the most trained dogs and cats do too. But leaving these accidents untreated could spell trouble for your hardwood flooring. Make sure to address the problem immediately with a flood safe chemical to remove the mess, odor, and stain.

8: Leaving the Furniture Unprotected

Protective pads should be added under the legs of your furniture to protect your hardwood floors. Unprotected legs could spell disaster for your hardwood floors. The weight of the furniture could gouge the floors and damaged the finish as well as your furniture over time.

9: Don’t Drag Furniture or Heavy Appliances

Remember when your mom told you not to drag stuff across the floors? Well, there was a reason she wanted you to pick things up. Dragging items across the floor could cause damage, not only to the item but to the floors. If you can’t pick up the heavy object, think about installing felt pads, using furniture pads, or calling in a professional to move to items for you.

10: Never Leave Your Pet’s Nails Untrimmed

Dog nails are one of the biggest problems many pet owners have with hardwood floors. Dog nails can ruin your floor’s finish and will eventually ruin your hardwood floors if they remain untrimmed. Both your floor and your pet will be happier after a trip to the groomer.

There are many different things that can ruin your hardwood floors. But with these tips, you will be able to keep your hardwood flooring safe and sound. For more information on protecting your hardwood flooring, call us today!

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