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Protecting and Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

One of the most important things to consider, whether you are looking at installing new hardwood floors or you own them already, is the upkeep needed to keep them looking good. Their natural beauty makes hardwood look different in every home, yet their inherent characteristics turn good interiors into beautiful ones. However, hardwood flooring requires … Continue reading »

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Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Whether you are knew owners of hardwood flooring or just need a refresher on the best ways to clean your flooring, there is something everyone can learn about caring for this flooring. How do you get rid of stains on your hardwood floors? Well, let’s go over some basic floor cleaning tips!

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Choose Your Hardwood Flooring Carefully

When it comes time to buy new flooring for your home, you tend to stay with the same thing you’d had before. But if you want to spice up your flooring options, maybe it is time to look into some hardwood floors for your home. Look at this guide to see if hardwood flooring is … Continue reading »

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Drying Your Hardwood Floors the Right Way

Summers are full of vacations and road trips. But after all of your planning, accidents happen when you least expect them. While you are away, your home could flood from a sudden rain storm, a burst pipe, or the neighbor watching your house could have left a faucet running. So how do you clean your … Continue reading »

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How to Get Minor Scratches Out of Wood Flooring

When it comes to your floors, you want them to always look their best. Occasionally, the floor still gets scuffed up from daily wear and tear. When it comes to scratches, good thing there is a way to remove them. Surface Scratches Repair Tips A surface scratch is when only the protective coating is scratched. … Continue reading »

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DOs & DON’Ts of Hardwood Floor Maintenance

As you probably know, hardwood floors provide a simple elegance that is unmatched by other flooring materials. However, as you probably also know, hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. So where do you start? Do Sweep your hardwood floor regularly. Vacuum occasionally to reach the dirt … Continue reading »

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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips & Refinishing in Baltimore, Maryland

Hardwood floors can provide your home with a look and feel unmatched by carpeting or linoleum. However, hardwood floors also bring with them some very strict maintenance requirements. Here are some tips from the American Hardwood Information Center to help you keep your floors as pristine as possible. Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips Dried Food: If … Continue reading »

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