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Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet: The Ultimate Flooring Battle

In the royal rumble of flooring options, hardwood flooring always seems to face off against carpeting. Whether you just bought a new home or are in the market for a new flooring option, there are going to be some distinct differences between carpeting and hardwood options. Let’s take a look to see if hardwood flooring … Continue reading »

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What Are The Benefits of Refurbishing Hardwood Floors?

Are your hardwood floors looking a little run down? Do you live in an older home with hardwood floors that need an update? Hardwood floor refurbishing is beneficial for more than just the aesthetic appeal of your floor; it also improves the overall quality of the wood and keeps your hardwood floor a valuable feature … Continue reading »

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How To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Over time, your hardwood floors undergo a lot of wear and tear. And even preventative maintenance cannot make your floors last forever. Eventually you will have two options: Purchase new hardwood floors Refinish your existing hardwood floors The obvious, cost-effective choice is refinishing. And while we would prefer you to choose John K. Eareckson & … Continue reading »

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Custom Finishes on your Hardwood Floors from your Baltimore Flooring Expert

Switching out your dingy old carpet for hardwood floors or refinishing the existing ones in your home transforms your space: it’s like upgrading your ordinary hotel room for the high-end presidential suite.  But for those who would like to take their remodeling to a whole different level of luxury, Jon. K Eareckson & Co.’s medallions … Continue reading »

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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning

If you take care of your hardwood floors, they will take care of you. And hardwood floor maintenance is actually easier than you may think. A few minutes here and there throughout the week is all you need to keep your hardwood floors sparkling for years to come. Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance For starters, sweeping up … Continue reading »

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How Environmentally Friendly Are Hardwood Floors?

More and more homeowners are concerning themselves with the consequences of their projects on the environment. There are certain materials that use harmful chemicals and toxins in their manufacturing process, and others that cannot be recycled or repurposed. But luckily, there is a way to be environmentally responsible while still gaining beautiful results: install hardwood … Continue reading »

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The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Many homeowners want to install a beautiful, custom hardwood floor, but it is simply not in their budget. But what they may not realize is that there is an alternative to traditional hardwood flooring that has the same look and feel but at a more affordable rate. Let JKE Hardwood Flooring tell you about engineered … Continue reading »

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The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Is your home in desperate need of new floors, but you cannot decide between carpeting and hardwood flooring? Well, no matter what type of floors you inevitably choose, it will have its pros and cons. The key is to choose the flooring with more pros than cons. This is why Hardwood Flooring remains the nation’s #1 choice … Continue reading »

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Refinish your Baltimore, Maryland Hardwood Floors

Over the years, a hardwood floor can take a lot of wear and tear that causes it to lose its finish. If your hardwood floors have lost their initial luster, consider refinishing them. Refinishing a hardwood floor can be a cost efficient method of restoring your hardwood floors to their former glory without the price … Continue reading »

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Hardwood Floor Repairs and Custom Hardwood Floors Washington DC

Over time, your hardwood floor will sustain damage. That is just life. Whether it is a scratch caused by moving furniture or a gouge caused by a falling object, your hardwood floor will not look pristine forever. Luckily, unlike other types of flooring, hardwood can be repaired. Scratches: The most common type of hardwood floor … Continue reading »

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