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Why is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Not A DIY Job?

When you need to refinish your wood floors, it can be an intimidating task. It’s not a do-it-yourself job. Damaged wood flooring can devalue your home. If you need to tackle damage wood flooring immediately, John K. Eareckson Hardwood Flooring is here to provide you a few important tips about refinishing wood floors. Old wooden … Continue reading »

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How To Dry Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can get wet in a wide variety of ways, through spills, roof and pipe leaks, flooding and overflows. Although the amount of water can be different but each one could cause them to swell, buckle, stain or mold. Even the littlest amount of moisture can cause your wood to degrade and be a … Continue reading »

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How To Clean Your Wood Floor

If you own a home with hardwood floors, you know that in order to keep them beautiful and looking like new, you have to establish an effective cleaning routine. But what is the best way to go about cleaning your hardwood floors? Are there certain things that you should avoid so as not to damage … Continue reading »

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Hardwood Flooring Types

You have many options when it comes to selecting a hardwood floor. As a homeowner, you can choose what type of tree’s wood you would like to use, what color stain it will be treated with, even the width of the planks that you prefer! But the main kinds of hardwood flooring available to you … Continue reading »

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Refinish your Baltimore, Maryland Hardwood Floors

Over the years, a hardwood floor can take a lot of wear and tear that causes it to lose its finish. If your hardwood floors have lost their initial luster, consider refinishing them. Refinishing a hardwood floor can be a cost efficient method of restoring your hardwood floors to their former glory without the price … Continue reading »

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A Few Hardwood Floor Facts for Baltimore, Maryland

Choosing a hardwood floor for your Baltimore home is choosing flooring that will last for many, many years. There are many different types of hardwood floors to consider, such as: Unfinished solid hardwood – low-cost non-varnished rough boards that have to be nailed to a wood subfloor. A wide variety of species, grades and widths are … Continue reading »

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Shine up Hardwoods with Polyurethane Finishes: Baltimore Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Polyurethane finishes can quickly take your hardwood floors from looking like decaying scrap wood to a custom selected and stained work of art. At an affordable price, polyurethane – a solvent based finish – provides some serious shine and protection. Drying in six hours or less, these finishes are a fast way to get your … Continue reading »

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