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Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Dog Owner’s Guide to Hardwood Floors

Many pet owners think that once you get a dog, your hardwood floor dreams are over. Sharp nails and rough play can spell disaster for hardwood flooring. You can’t ask your dog to stay still or only stand on rugs, so what can you do? Putting hardwood floors into your pet-inhabited home is possible it … Continue reading »

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Shield your Hardwood Floors from the Snow

Fresh snow looks pristine and clean outside, but when kids and pets bring that snow inside, it’s a whole different story for your hardwood floors. Maintaining sparkling floors in the winter can be a nightmare and it gets worse when salty residue makes its way onto your wood. You can’t keep the snow out entirely, … Continue reading »

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Can Hardwood Floors Improve My Home’s Air Quality?

Hardwood flooring is now a staple on a majority of homeowners’ must-haves when purchasing a home. This is not only because they’re easy to maintain and look nice, but also because hardwood flooring can improve a home’s air quality.  Reduced Allergens The alternative to hardwood flooring is most commonly carpet, which can trap in allergens … Continue reading »

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What to Know About Replacing Carpet with Hardwood Floors

Whether you are revamping your home’s interior design or preparing it to sell, you may be thinking of switching out your old carpeting for high quality hardwood floors. Many homeowners elect to do this so that they can enjoy the timeless appeal of hardwood and add value to their homes. But before you make the … Continue reading »

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