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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Install Hardwood Floors in your New Home

You’ve finally done what had seemed like the impossible: You found your dream home. It’s located in a friendly neighbor, it’s exactly the right size for your family, and it has all of the amenities you could want. Except, perhaps, for one thing- the flooring. Your new home might be exactly what you were looking … Continue reading »

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Should I Install Hardwood Floors in a Nursery?

Are you a parent-to-be wondering about the best way to prepare your home for your little one? The room you will probably be most focused on is the nursery; this room will serve as your child’s room for the early years of their life, and possibly as they grow older as well. One important decision … Continue reading »

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Know Your Hardwood Flooring by Tree Species

Every new homeowner knows that they covet a luxurious hardwood floor, but oftentimes, that’s all they know. What they do not always consider, until they are confronted with the wide variety of choices, is what kind of wood they want to use in their home. Which one will best complement a room’s intended color scheme? … Continue reading »

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Common DIY Hardwood Floor Installation Mistakes

Many people try and fail to install their own hardwood floors. Because you want the end result of your installation to be flawless, even wood floors, the best thing to do is to have a professional floor installation expert from JKE Hardwood Flooring complete the project. But what are some of the common DIY hardwood … Continue reading »

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Is it Time to Refinish My Hardwood Floors?

Are the hardwood floors in your Baltimore home looking a little worse for the wear? Over the years, even the most durable hardwood floors can show signs of age: fading from sun exposure, scuffs and scrapes from moving furniture, and discolorations from staining can all deteriorate the look and value of your hardwood floor. So … Continue reading »

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How to Remove Marker Stains from Hardwood Floors

We want our permanent markers to be permanent- except when they accidentally get on the floor! A permanent marker stain can mar the otherwise flawless appearance of your hardwood floors. Even if your durable hardwood floors are years away from needing refinishing, you still want to remove the unsightly stain and restore your floors to … Continue reading »

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