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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Can Hardwood Floors Keep My Home Healthy?

Hardwood floors have long been the most coveted by homeowners for their aesthetic appeal, their durability, and their value. It’s hard to find a more sought-after feature for today’s house hunter than finished hardwood floors. But aside from all of their more obvious benefits, what other advantages can hardwood floors bring to you and your … Continue reading »

Categories: Baltimore Custom Hardwood Floors, Washington DC Custom Hardwood Floors | Tags: , | 22 Comments

Customizing My Hardwood Floors: Interior Design Advice

Your home should be an expression of who you are, from molding to baseboards. You might have a clear vision as to what color scheme you want to use, what furniture will fit best, and what artwork you want to hang on your walls, but have you given any thought to your flooring options? To … Continue reading »

Categories: Baltimore Custom Hardwood Floors | Tags: , | 15 Comments

How Can I Restore My Hardwood Floors After Sun Damage?

With summer soon starting, we know what steps to take to protect ourselves from damaging UV rays: use sunscreen, wear hats, and keep to the shade. But what about what we’re leaving unprotected? Hardwood floors, while classic and stylish, are just as at risk from sun damage as upholstered furniture can be. But preventing this … Continue reading »

Categories: Floor Refinishing | Tags: , , | 20 Comments

How important is Hardwood Floor Sanding?

Hardwood floor sanding, your family and friends have told you, you need to get it done. Is wood floor sanding really that important? Why should you sand your hardwood floors? If you want real answers to why you should have wood floor sanding completed, listen to a professional hardwood floor contractor. There are many reasons … Continue reading »

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