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Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Benefits of Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Watch any episode of House Hunters on HGTV and you will quickly learn one of the most desirable assets of a new home is a hardwood floor. Because they can last hundreds of years with regular maintenance, hardwood floors are an incredible investment for your home. However, whether your home is old or new, on … Continue reading »

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Hardwood Floor Restoration in Maryland

A hardwood floor is a solid investment for your home. Not only are hardwood floors extremely durable, but they also add visual appeal and property value to your home, as they are one of the most sought-after features by house hunters. But in order to keep your hardwood floors looking like new, sometimes a little … Continue reading »

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How Can I Prevent Furniture From Scratching My Hardwood Floors in Baltimore?

  One of the most popular conventions in a new home these days is a hardwood floor. While beautiful and able to add character to your home, they can also be easily scuffed and scratched. The last thing you want is to discover is nicks and marks all over your floors because your furniture moved … Continue reading »

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How Do I Clean My Baseboards?

Whether you’re a champion of house cleaning or a more reluctant scrubber and duster, you know the necessity of keeping a clean home. Not only does it look nice for your family and guests, but it also makes your living space healthier! One part of your home that can be difficult to keep clean is … Continue reading »

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