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Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Can I Remove A Red Wine Stain From My Hardwood Floor?

  Even the most graceful among us can’t help an accidental spill – and sometimes that means getting red wine on your beautiful hardwood floor. Red wine notably leaves a mark on most anything it touches, which means it can easily leave a stain on your floor. The sooner you can remove the stain, the … Continue reading »

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How Can I Care For My Hardwood Floor in The Winter?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and you’re most comfortable snuggling up indoors away from it all! But even so, you’ll have to make the trip outside eventually and that means one thing: tracking in snow, slush, ice, and dirt in and getting it all over your beautiful hardwood floors! While an effective sealant takes … Continue reading »

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What Are The Benefits of Refurbishing Hardwood Floors?

Are your hardwood floors looking a little run down? Do you live in an older home with hardwood floors that need an update? Hardwood floor refurbishing is beneficial for more than just the aesthetic appeal of your floor; it also improves the overall quality of the wood and keeps your hardwood floor a valuable feature … Continue reading »

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What’s A Good Alternative To Hardwood Flooring? Cork!

This week we are going to tackle an alternative to traditional hardwood flooring: Cork. It has that classic hardwood look that every homeowner wants, but cork offers something that traditional hardwood floors cannot…cushion. Other benefits of Cork Flooring include: Natural Insulator: Cork flooring has natural insulation properties, making it not only aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but … Continue reading »

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